Merrill Lynch Conference, Orlando

This November F2B Services worked alongside Merrill Lynch during one of their major business conferences. A total of 16 F2B units were used; 13 Duplexes and 3 Vantage Point units.

Slim units were placed all throughout the Ritz Carlton venue displaying short videos of animated text. Each Slim unit displayed text relating to its particular section. For example, one unit was placed near the dining hall that displayed a video message directing attendees to their designated dining area.

The Vantage Point units displayed custom software written by our software development team that catered to Merrill Lynch’s particular vision. In this case, Merrill Lynch decided to break up the separate screens, displaying different videos and corresponding interactive pieces as well.

Below is our recap video of the event and some photos we snapped on-site!


HPe Discover 2016

HPe Discover 2016 kicked off in Las Vegas

Technology titan, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, hosted Discover 2016 in the Sands Expo Center of the beautiful Venetian Casino and Resort this June. Every year, Discover brings IT leaders from around the world together to accelerate their digital transformation journey, and drive the future of technology. The technology, people, and information at Discover make it a unique event that sets milestones for technology fields.

F2B Services provided authorized HP interactive digital signage solutions to support HPe throughout the venue, including an Interactive Photo Booth, mapping kiosks, projector solutions, the Tower, Points, and more. Take a look at our gallery below to see all of our solutions!

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Design & Art Direction Award Show, London

Each year, the greatest artists in the design and advertising industries are celebrated at the Design & Art Direction Awards show in London. The D & AD Pencil award is recognized all over the world as a symbol of creative achievement by the best and brightest. In addition to celebrating these achievements, D & AD showcases these works of art, and seeks to cultivate new talent in the industry.
F2B Services supplied interactive touch technology to D & AD this year, while working with Getty Images to showcase the fantastic talents of their celebrity photographers. As attendees, judges, and award winners had private photo shoots throughout the event, F2B’s Slim units displayed these amazing photos through the use of F2B’s custom software. Attendees could not only view and interact with their photographs, but also share them with friends through email and social media. The custom program also integrated multiple interactive magazines produced by Getty Images, showcasing some of this year’s greatest work and providing a channel for Getty Images to tell their story while interacting with clients, partners, and guests.

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New York Times International Luxury Conference, Versailles

This weekend, Versailles, France hosted the 2016 New York Times International Luxury Conference. F2B Services proudly provided a number of custom digital signage solutions which were displayed around the conference. Among the solutions provided were The Point, a 133” conference centerpiece, and multiple Slim units to complement the overall functionality. Each unit featured touch-enabled, custom F2B software packages.

The annual conference was moderated by the New York Times’ Fashion Director, Vanessa Friedman, along with many of their award winning journalists.  In attendance were executives from the world’s most influential fashion and technology companies. Their goals were to tackle the most critical challenges facing the world of luxury consumer goods, and to discuss how to take advantage of today’s opportunities.

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