Escape Velocity 2016

F2B Services Digital Signage at Escape Velocity 2016


Escape Velocity is a futuristic World’s Fair designed to promote STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) and reinvigorate interest among our young people for STEAM topics.  Using a backdrop of science fiction, the event mixes the fun of Comic Con with the fascination of science and engineering festivals.

Alongside such prestigious organizations as NASA, F2B Services provided 5 signage solutions for the event (see pictures below). Keeping with the festival’s mission, F2B created interactive software showcasing science fiction artwork and Science Channel promos.

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New York Times International Luxury Conference, Versailles

This weekend, Versailles, France hosted the 2016 New York Times International Luxury Conference. F2B Services proudly provided a number of custom digital signage solutions which were displayed around the conference. Among the solutions provided were The Point, a 133” conference centerpiece, and multiple Slim units to complement the overall functionality. Each unit featured touch-enabled, custom F2B software packages.

The annual conference was moderated by the New York Times’ Fashion Director, Vanessa Friedman, along with many of their award winning journalists.  In attendance were executives from the world’s most influential fashion and technology companies. Their goals were to tackle the most critical challenges facing the world of luxury consumer goods, and to discuss how to take advantage of today’s opportunities.

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