HPE Discover Las Vegas 2017


Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers a variety of innovative solutions for IT professionals around the world. HPE Discover is a place to showcase what HPE is all about by putting on display both existing and new solutions

F2B Services had a total of twenty-three units throughout the event ranging from our Draft Tables to our popular Vantage Point series. We were proud to bring two new products to the show floor this year: The Hex tower and the Stock Exchange tower. The Hex tower is a six-sided touch tower that is composed of twenty-four, forty-two inch monitors. The Stock Exchange Tower is composed of twenty-eight monitors that mimic the towers you would find in the New York Stock Exchange.

We also had eight Slim units, a two by three Gaming Wall, multiple Point units, and much more. We were proud to be a part of the successful HPE Discover Las Vegas 2017 event.
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Stock Exchange Towerwr-IMG_0114

Vantage Point


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