HP Kick-Off

HP Kick-Off


In October 2015, F2B Services received a request from HP to assist them with their monumental company-wide split into HP Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. Having only a few weeks to prepare for the November 2nd announcement, we quickly administered a custom solution to fit their needs. The event was held simultaneously at 11 locations around the world. Among these locations were Palo Alto, San Diego, Boise, Vancouver, Corvallis, andHuston in the United States, and London, Boeblingen, Milan, Lyon, and Barcelona in Europe. Partnered with Huge Inc. and Jack Morton for this event, F2B Services provided a seamless installation that enhanced the experience for every attendee.

HP Kick-Off was a unique event for F2B.  All installations took place at the same time, in each location’s respective time zone.  Units requested were no small task, as each location was to be outfitted with F2B Services’ Wall, a 3×3, 180” Digital Signage Video Wall.  It was amazing to witness these installations occur across the globe with such precision and uniformity.

These Kick-Off events began a new era of the Hewlett-Packard Company legacy with global announcements, enhanced by F2B Services and partners.

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