Hanover Industrial Festival

This week, the Hannover Messe, one of the world’s largest fairgrounds, hosted the Hanover Industrial Festival. This fair was a massive event hosting companies which spanned many industries such as digital automation, robotics, energy consumption, and construction, all to the purpose of improving factory efficiency. The annual Festival partners with a different first world nation to build business opportunities across the world. This year’s partner was the United States of America. Overall, the Hanover Industrial Festival was a major event that F2B Services was proud to attend, featuring United States President Obama and German Chancellor Merkel as keynote speakers.

Working with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, F2B displayed our unit, the Horizon, within their booth. The solution was coupled with our custom software, the Carousel, to display a large series of videos and images in a stunning format which drew large crowds throughout the week-long event. This show was an amazing success and we look forward to returning to the Hannover Messe once again next year for this exciting trade fair.

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