Interactive Maps


Interactive Maps replace static maps with an interactive directory that helps people navigate and explore any location. This software provides an intuitive breakdown of any venue into its component locations, and displays information about each. The Interactive Maps program is designed to be customized with room for advertising, social media feeds, or bulletins. This software utilizes intuitive vector graphics that enable maps to be scaled to any size, highlighting the different areas of each building or venue. Adding interactive hotspots provides descriptions of each location, and optional metrics reporting about each location.

Supported Formats

Audio/ Video: WAV, .MP3, .WMA, .WMV, .WMA, .MP4, .M4V.

Images: .PNG, .JPEG, .JPG, .BMP, .TIFF, .ICO, .GIF.

Adobe PDF files.

*Does not currently support PowerPoint presentations, but these can easily be exported to image or video from within the PowerPoint application.

Minimum Requirements

* Windows 7 or later.

* Latest Windows Updates

* A touch screen device

* 2GB of RAM

* Dual Core processor



* Quad Core CPU

How long does it take to build my Interactive Map?

Our estimated time to complete an Interactive Map project is 3 weeks from the initial concept design phase.

Can I add custom items to my program?

Yes, during concept design we discuss the best way to create your vision and expectations in order to create an incredible experience.

Can I view the application prior to the show?

Absolutely. A live WebEx demo can be scheduled for you to preview your application at any point during the development process.

Can I link databases to my map program?

For specific key elements, databases can be used to change information dynamically.

How do I interact with your software?

All of our software is multi-touch and multi-user. We support up to 24 points of touch (varies from unit to unit)

HP Discover

At any large event, maps are a crucial tool used to ensure that attendees are able to find the exact booth they are looking for. HP Discover hosts over 500 booths, and utilized Interactive Maps to provide attendees with an intuitive breakdown of the event floor plan. Each booth was illustrated with a specific booth number and an accompanying description. Accompanying the map, a social media feed was embedded to allow users to see what was occurring around the event, and a sponsor’s page highlighting the different sponsoring companies was included. Metrics reporting was also integrated so that HP could determine how many people were interacting with these maps, and which booths they were interested in finding. Strategically placing several Slim units by the help desk enabled HP Discover staff to direct attendees to their desired location much more effectively than traditional paper maps.

Autodesk University

With over 10,000 attendees and hundreds of booths at their 3 day conference, Autodesk required an expansive yet intuitive system to navigate their many displays. Utilizing multiple Duplex units, our interactive mapping program was displayed around the entire conference hall. Users were able to interact with both sides of our units to find each individual booth on the custom map, read descriptions about what they offered, and find directions towards them. A search feature by booth name was also offered to help users pinpoint the exact display they were looking for. Throughout the event, our interactive maps saw constant use as they eased the difficulty of navigating what could have potentially been an overwhelming conference.