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Behind the scenes: Microsoft Ignite 2017

Behind the scenes: Microsoft Ignite 2017

Microsoft Ignite is an all-encompassing technology conference that unveils some of the most exciting new products and services in the tech world. Like many of the big tech conferences around the globe, Ignite’s mission is simple: Drive the digital economy further. In spite of this, the excitement really derives from the work put in behind the scenes.

F2B Services is among the many hard working exhibitor suppliers needed for big events and trade shows to excel. Everything from lighting to furniture and food are all vital to the experience. Digital signage is no different. And without these elements, the great innovations being shown would not have the impact that they do. Our team collaborates with our clients to gather and organize their content in the most efficient and engaging way possible from a software and hardware standpoint. From here we develop our software programs and start designing and optimizing our hardware configurations. If you look at the pictures below you can see some examples. One of our products used at Ignite is a simple 55 inch touch screen monitor that was used to present to attendees while the main attraction sat in the center of the HPE booth. This is what we called the Hex Tower. It’s essentially a 6 sided touchscreen video wall that really helps engage HPE’s audience. This solution is a one-of-a-kind custom piece of technology that F2B created based on HPE’s vision. A great amount of research, testing, and building went into making this idea a reality for HPE at Ignite.

At the end of the day our mission is aligned with the mission of these companies; however, F2B works behind the scenes. We are grateful for having the opportunity to showcase the brilliant innovations of influential tech companies like Microsoft and HPE through our work.


HPE Discover Las Vegas 2017


Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers a variety of innovative solutions for IT professionals around the world. HPE Discover is a place to showcase what HPE is all about by putting on display both existing and new solutions

F2B Services had a total of twenty-three units throughout the event ranging from our Draft Tables to our popular Vantage Point series. We were proud to bring two new products to the show floor this year: The Hex tower and the Stock Exchange tower. The Hex tower is a six-sided touch tower that is composed of twenty-four, forty-two inch monitors. The Stock Exchange Tower is composed of twenty-eight monitors that mimic the towers you would find in the New York Stock Exchange.

We also had eight Slim units, a two by three Gaming Wall, multiple Point units, and much more. We were proud to be a part of the successful HPE Discover Las Vegas 2017 event.
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Stock Exchange Towerwr-IMG_0114

Vantage Point


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Indianapolis 500


The Indianapolis 500 has been satisfying car racing enthusiasts since 1911. With over 100 years of rich racing history, it has become famously known for racers kissing the “Yard of Bricks” following a victory.

F2B is excited to partner with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to enhance the experience of a day at the track. With six units of interactive digital signage, we allowed for racing enthusiasts alike to be fully immersed in the racing experience. Units such as the Quad and Pub Tables, gave opportunity for fans to learn more about the cars being raced, the track itself, and even learn more about the drivers.

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Cannes Film Festival 2017


Located on the French Riviera, Cannes Film Festival proudly celebrated its 70th season by showcasing some of the top films in the world.

F2B Services was proud to be a part of this year’s festival through our unique interactive digital signage. For this particular event, we showcased two Vantage Point displays as well as two 75” 4K touch screens. One Vantage Point was used to display young up and coming actors. The other Vantage Point was used to display HP promotional content for the event. The two 75” 4k touch screens were used as virtual reality displays loaded with different content. One was used for various games. The other had Tilt Brush, which is an art program in which a digital artist created various virtual reality worlds to explore.




DXC Technology Conference

DXC Technology is the world’s leading independent, end-to-end IT services company, helping clients harness the power of innovation to thrive on change.

At the DXC convention in Dallas Texas, F2B proudly provided a three-by-three Wall from our Visual series. The three-by-three, non-touch, video wall sat directly outside the venue. This allowed for people attending the event to learn about DXC and HP, as videos about the companies ran on a continuous loop.

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